Grace Outreach is carrying out its objectives through:

Furniture Ministry (Local)

  1. Reaching out through a weekly furniture distribution ministry to international students, refugees and newcomers.
  2. Building friendships with those who are open to the Gospel and inviting them for meals and to church services.
  3. Connecting these new friends with a fellowship group and the church family as a supportive, loving community.
  4. Mobilizing prayer and intercession for the seeds that have been sown.
  5. Discipling new believers through long-term relationships, Bible reading and Bible-based programs.

Hospitality and Caregiving: (Local)

  1. Hosting Muslim families and individuals on different occasions for meals such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. to share with them our joy and also the Good News.
  2. Hosting and providing temporary accommodations in special conditions, as the leadership directs.
  3. Helping with shopping cards or with groceries as we see the needs of families or individuals.
  4. Showing commitment and being there as they need us as friends or even family as they go  through tough seasons.

Refugees Ministry (International)

  1. Mobilizing prayer and increasing awareness of the needs of Syrian and Iraqi refugees all over the ME area.
  2. Mobilizing volunteer ministers and funds to purchase the essential needs for refugees such as blankets, tents, clothes, food and school supplies.
  3. Mobilizing medical aid for refugees and running child health programs.
  4. Sharing the Good news through local ministers who can follow up and disciple the new believers.
  5. Training local ministers on how to reach out and to become hosting families.

Training and Multiplying: (Local, International)

  1. Empowering the Body of Christ through Grace Point by modeling and equipping our brothers and sisters with the needed tools for reaching out to Muslims and other religious backgrounds and societies in Edmonton.
  2. Equipping other groups across the CGWC to reach out to Arabs and Muslims in Western Canada and beyond.
  3. Training other partners and ministry allies overseas on how to reach out, love, care and disciple Muslims.