Vision Statement:

By God’s grace and His unconditional and unchanging love through the work of Jesus Christ, we have received our salvation and the Great Commission. Our mission is:

– To live in holiness and show the likeness of Christ Jesus through our words and deeds.

– To reach out to the nations with the Good News of God’s grace and love.

– To make more and better disciples of Christ among the nations and especially among Muslims.

Romans 1:5- through Him we received grace and apostleship to call all the Gentiles to the obedience that comes from [a] faith for His name’s sake.

Mission Statement:

Grace Outreach Ministries is a Kingdom-minded ministry committed to seeing God’s Kingdom come on earth, and to preparing more and better disciples of Jesus Christ among the nations. This will be accomplished by:

  1. Building strong and lasting relationships with newcomers and students from Muslim countries in Edmonton, and abroad in the Middle East, by reflecting the example of Christ through sincere, caring friendship.
  2. Sharing the Good News with Muslims in Edmonton, Alberta, and the Middle East through long-term friendships, events, literature and discipleship, to make more and better followers of Christ.
  3. Fulfilling some material needs including furniture, groceries and accommodation.
  4. Discipling and journeying with those who commit their life to Christ, and praying and walking with those who are still exploring the Christian faith.
  5. Leading a group of like-minded church members to love, disciple and mentor Muslims to follow Christ, to dwell in the Word of God, and to grow as good disciples.
  6. Training fellow believers and missionaries from the Church of God in Western Canada to reach out to and disciple Muslims, thereby extending God’s Kingdom.